We believe in a digital world, displaying 

content should be quick and easy

Presentize was developed by Sensing Places, an experiential design and technology agency, in 2014 with one purpose - to put any content, on any screen, at any time. 

While designing immersive spaces and customizing technology to integrate each client's story, Sensing Places continually noticed the same challenge coming up - how to get content up on screens quickly and efficiently. 

What started out as a customized solution for a large telecommunications client in Europe, Sensing Places took the premise of the technology to develop Presentize - an out of the box solution to manage and display digital signage. 

Our journey into innovating 

digital signage

Other Products:

Present in a team.  Take turns presenting 

with the click of a button.   

Share videos. Play videos directly from your laptop to a presentation screen.

Choose what you show. Share selected windows or your entire desktop.

Instantly display any window from 

your laptop to the big screen

Choose the easy solution for digital signage

Other Products:

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